fredag 3 oktober 2008

WebWorkerDaily » Archive Five Lessons Learned About Live Blogging «

Live blogging is an interesting theme. I need to learn more about "how to do it live", the dynamics, etc. I've been testing Jaiku and Friendfeed as live interactivity platforms. Now I need to run downtown for some shopping but returning to this question.

WebWorkerDaily » Archive Five Lessons Learned About Live Blogging «: "I recently live-blogged a 3-day conference. Gearing up for the event, I posted here about the equipment I was bringing as well as musings about the dynamics of live blogging. While I’ve live blogged parts of events and have Power-Twittered a conference before, this was my first full-scale, solo, multimedia live-blogging project for a client.

The live blogging was a success. In fact, the client was caught up in the excitement of seeing posts showing up literally in the middle of sessions with quotes and commentary about the topics discussed that they finally “got” what a blog could be.

Everyone at the conference was fired up to see images from the sessions and events and video clips of themselves or their fellow conference attendees waxing philosophical about the conference proceedings.

Here are my key lessons from the three days. For anyone whose work will take them into the realm of live blogging, I hope these prove helpful."

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