lördag 15 november 2008

Experts Warn of Security Risks in Financial Downturn - washingtonpost.com

The economic crisis is not just about money, finance and employment. There are deeper concerns about the shift of world power. New crisis might surface. We still don't know how long the recession will be.

Experts Warn of Security Risks in Financial Downturn - washingtonpost.com: "Intelligence officials are warning that the deepening global financial crisis could weaken fragile governments in the world's most dangerous areas and undermine the ability of the United States and its allies to respond to a new wave of security threats.

U.S. government officials and private analysts say the economic turmoil has heightened the short-term risk of a terrorist attack, as radical groups probe for weakening border protections and new gaps in defenses. A protracted financial crisis could threaten the survival of friendly regimes from Pakistan to the Middle East while forcing Western nations to cut spending on defense, intelligence and foreign aid, the sources said.

The crisis could also accelerate the shift to a more Asia-centric globe, as rising powers such as China gain more leverage over international financial institutions and greater influence in world capitals."

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