torsdag 18 december 2008

About the KK-Network and what it's all about

What comes after Command Control Communication Intelligence Information Crisis Management?

People ask, what KK-Net is all about. I start to tell more about our activities on our blogs. We'll have multiple bloggers writing about our services from the beginning of 2009.

I wrote the following not on Facebook to a potential new member December 19, 2009 and decided to add a few lines to give a better picture of this network and about KK-Net's intentions and goals.

Dear reader,

Good morning, I'm doing well, rose early this morning. We've new people on board and there is a lot on the table before traveling to northern Finland to enjoy White Christmas. We've an office and house in Sotkamo, 600 km north of Loviisa, in addition to our "project office" in Loviisa.

KK-Net(work) is an open innovation and collaboration platform for people, entrepreneurs and businesses who like to benefit from doing things together on a 1to1, B2B, B2C or M2M basis.

- One to One
- Business to Business
- Business to Client
- Many to Many

Join the groups, make friends, talk, share, tell about your activities. The participants are our friends and friends of our friends. We all have as a goal to build a Business Power House that helps the members to improve their own business activities.

KK-Net and this Network partners with organizations to increase productivity and personal effectiveness by designing and implementing results based systems.

One focus is on high performance team development. We advises organizations in the manufacturing and service sectors on how to maximize their human capital potential and how to improve productivity with intelligent use of technology and a continuous innovation of processes and methods applied.

I'm happy to see you as an active member.


PS: The communication is now 3-4 languages but will increase with Spanish and French in January when Macarena Pallares starts at KK-Net.

Technology Trends

Are we going to see a new CEO at Apple Computer soon?
Is Nokia still going strong or are we seeing a 10 % slump of mobile's sales?
The new president will appoint a new CTO (Chief Technology Officer) for USA
What happens with Yahoo?
Finnish Forestry over?

What are the next big things in Social Media?

Is social media about to go global?
Do we get smaller and smaller communities?
What will the impact of microbubbling be after #Mumbai?
Jaiku is in a process of change where users are repositioning its usefulness
What are runners-up doing?

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