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Finnish geeks say goodbye to their beloved Jaiku « TheNextWeb.com

Finnish geeks say goodbye to their beloved Jaiku « TheNextWeb.com: "Finnish geeks say goodbye to their beloved Jaiku | Ernst-Jan Written on December 15, 2008 – 2:18 pm

The story is writeen by Ernst-Jan Pfauth, editor in chief of The Next Web.

For everybody whose interested in the Northern European tech scene, Arctic Startup is a great source. Of course, we cover the basics, but Antti Vilpponen and his team don’t leave any details uncovered. Oh and yeah, most of the times we grab the highlights from their blog. Yep, guilty.

Like this one: Ville Vesterinen reports that the loyal Finnish Jaiku community slowly turns its back to the Google-owned microblogging service. He noticed a Jaiku discussion (in Finnish) where the symbolic rats jumped off the sinking ship.

Who can blame them? I hear from several sides that, just like Pownce, Jaiku had some issues which nobody resolves. Before you know it, my co-editor Zee is dancing on your grave because you didn’t listen to your users.

Vesterinen points out several painful issues: feeds aren’t coming through and the SMS service has been disabled for three days now (sounds familiar). But the major reason: you’re missing out on a whole lot of interesting conversations when ignoring Twitter."

Helge: Let's see what happens next. This is the beginning of something new. What? That remains to be seen. The group isn't united. We talk about a herd of individuals. Some of us won't move anywhere. Life continues like nothing has happened. That's the Finnish way of Life.

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