lördag 7 februari 2009

Tranforming to Enterprise 2.0

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How to get started with enterprise 1.0 transformation to enterprise 2.0:

Try to get CEO or board to understand
- we can reach out to our clients in many new ways
- we can collaboration internally and externally more efficiently
- we can find new customers and partners
- we can build new relationships
- we can save time and be more productive
- we can start money with new business models
- we can improve overall productivity

Try get CTO and CIO on your side

- we don't need to be afraid about the outside world
- our clients are our partners
- user generated content isn't a threat
- security concerns should not lead us to ruin our relationships
- the learning organization is a valuable asset
- don't let fear run our business

Marketing and sales

- grasp the world
- advance faster
- build stronger relationships
- improve customer service
- improve customer experiences
- build life-long relationships
- virtualizaiton means FREE resources for the company
- the clients are the brand builders

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