onsdag 15 april 2009

Not my cloud but brings memories

my cloud
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Is that the representation of cloud computing? Whatever, it's not so important to have the right definitions. Years ago, 2002, I made a note in my diary with the headline SCULTPING THE IDEA.

- the use of audio (podcasting now)
- production of micromovies with mobile cameras
- off-line deliver of high-quality (CD's at that time)
- on-line on full time movies isn't a problem anymore with broadband
- sculpting ideas with mobile smart phones is possible
- words, images, sounds, and video can be delivered
- non-linear media (did I understand that?)
- multiple screens can be used for presentations
- the talking walls idea started to emerge
- there isn't anymore the "wrong way of showing your clips"
- the old surrealistic method works very well now

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