onsdag 29 juli 2009

Make Money From Your Digital Camera

Make Money From Your Digital Camera: "Like Taking Photos?

Helge: Sure, I do. First a few words about the writer of this blog:

Hi, I'm Alison and I am based in the UK. I have been online for a while now, starting out with two ebay shops and gradually branching out into other areas such as affiliate and internet marketing. I also have a Midnight Software Mart blog - check it out if you have a chance.

I love Hubpages and the diverse range of Hubs that are available. Hope to see you around a Hub somewhere.

In this current economic climate we are all of us looking around to find ways of making some extra dollars. However, what would happen if I told you that you might already be sitting on some cash and that you could make money from your digital camera, quite possibly with photos that you have already taken.

Helge: Extra dollars with pictures, huh?

The great rush online with the huge number of people that are now blogging and building websites, means that photos are more in demand than they have ever been before. Online stock photo libraries hold huge amounts of photos on almost every subject under the sun and people flock to them in their thousands on a daily basis just to find the right image to add extra punch to their sites or blogs.

Helge: I produce a lot of pictures but anyone can use them for free, I think.

You can benefit from this and make money from your digital camera and upload your images to these sites and then get paid each and every time one of your photos is used. What’s more you don’t have to be a master photographer in order to benefit in this way. As long as you can take clear sharp shots you are going to be on to a winner. The subjects of the photos can also be wide ranging and don’t think you have to scour the planet for inspiration. A simple close up shot of a household item can be as much in demand as a photo of the pyramids."

Helge: I take photos from my daily life with E71 for my own blogs.

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