onsdag 15 juli 2009

OfficialWire: Mistakes To Avoid In Social Media Marketing

OfficialWire: Mistakes To Avoid In Social Media Marketing: "Here are some of the things you must avoid when you engage in social media marketing. These are the things that will prevent you from gaining the full benefits of using social media for marketing and for engaging clients.

Having poor internet etiquette - it is very important to treat people online with respect. Even if the internet is highly interactive, it is also important to respect people’s opinions. When leaving comments or interacting with anyone online, do not post anything offensive or anything that you may regret later on. In the time that you will spend online, you should expect to meet people who have poor internet etiquette. Even when you meet such people, you should maintain your own composure and continue to adhere to internet etiquette.

Suppressing criticisms - because the internet is very open, you cannot and should not attempt to suppress criticisms. Even if you delete bad criticisms about your company from the comments section of your blog or try to suppress other criticisms made about your company of your products, the unsatisfied customer will become more irked and will find a way to spread the criticisms against you. The best way to deal with criticisms online is to find out the real cause of the criticism and draft a carefully-worded apology and try to redeem your name by..."

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