lördag 2 januari 2010

Can I make it with the bus from Loviisa 13.1.2010?

Matkakuvia_Marraskuu_2009 032

Each morning we are given a chance to make a difference. Details about the Innovation Train Helsinki – Oulu – Helsinki can be found at Collect.fi

Planning details are available at Qaiku #Innovaatiojuna.

I take a moment today to find out weather I use public transport to catch the innovation train to Oulu January 13, 2010. The departure time is 6h30.

Let’s give “Matkahuolto Aikataulut haku” a try.

The answer is here:

  • 04:20 Starts from Loviisa
  • 05:50 Arrive at Helsinki Kamppi bus station and i have 40 minutes to move to the railway station which is only 10 minutes away.
  • Travel time: 1h 30min vakio Loviisa - Porvoo--Moottoritie—Helsinki M-P and there is plenty of extra time to move from Kamppi to the railway station. It means, I’ve to rise very early.

The innovation train from Oulu returns to Helsinki at 23h36 and there is a bus to Loviisa.

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