söndag 3 januari 2010

Social Media has changed the way we communicate

joulu23,2009 002

Social media has changed how buyers and sellers communicate. We’ve to talk about more than specifics about our products and services. Change is created from communications.

The intent and dynamics of the marketplace  have changed. We need to listen to our customers but also take immediate action when complaints or requests appear.

People and organization will be forced to make  intentional changes to and align their internal cultures for social media success. Sellers will have to change their methods, message and mediums used to serve buyer intents.

We need to learn how our organization and people can best serve the market and our clients. The market now includes anyone and everyone within the chain of communications then everything that influences business success is now totally transparent to the entire market.

The market place is open, are we ready to open up and start talking with our clients Marketing and messaging is no longer isolated  one to many communication. 

The market watches 24 / 7 / 365 the organizational intent to serve or not serve the interest of the buyer.

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