lördag 13 februari 2010

Are we really innovative?

Last year, this man said, "Finland is one of the leading countries in terms od innovation and the quality of enterprises' operating environments."

Is that a valid statement? There is more rubbish like this.

"In order to succeed, Finland must lead the way on a global scale in selected areas of innovation activity."

We should meet social challenges
Have a consistent innovaion policy
Paying close attention to tech and non-tech
We should motivate creativity
Occupye the role of pioneer
Generate globally significant added value
We should attract skilful experts
We want investments in this country
We should be active in knowledge networks

That's a short-list of minister Mauri Pekkarinen's interview in Ict cluster Finland Revew 2009. I don't normally read what polticiens write and say but this caught my eyes.

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