torsdag 13 maj 2010

World's Largest BlackBerry To Go On Show In Paris - Blackberry facebook france - Gizmodo

World's Largest BlackBerry To Go On Show In Paris

World's Largest BlackBerry To Go On Show In ParisProof again that Paris gets all the best artworks in the world. It's just not fair. As part of a Facebook campaign from BlackBerry, the two-storey-high phone will display messages and photos sent in by fans on Facebook.

It will be on show outside the Beaubourg Esplanade in Paris from the 20th - 22nd of May, but if you can't hop over to France between Thursday and Saturday next week, just keep your eyes glued to BlackBerry's French Facebook channel, where it will be live-streamed.

Let's just hope that 'Berry is securely fastened to the Beaubourg Esplande—we don't want the stunt to go down as literally research in motion. [BlackBerry Facebook via BlackBerry Blog via Mobile-Ent]

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Hmmm... Big is beutiful.

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