lördag 17 juli 2010

Apple and HTC lead charge as smartphone market looks set to grow and grow -- Engadget

@Newwales First, apples has never claimed to invent anything that has been done before. They state they make it better.

Second, if you own a Mac, which I'm sure you don't. They have widgets believe if or not built in. So, even though they weren't the first to implement it into their phone. They did have it within their OS.

The problem is that if people hear about something first. They think the source that created was the first to do it. Android was innovative bringing it to the phone but they weren't the first to implement them.

Apple has had that covered for many many many years

Nokia has a long way to go and several steps to climb. Reaching the top will not be yeas. It's going to take time, especially in USA where the Nokia market share is very low.

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