söndag 4 juli 2010

Best Buy Employee suspended for viral videos about mobile phones « Specs, Reviews, News and Price Info

Some of you might remember when we showed the video of these cartoon characters with NSFW language discussing the HTC EVO 4G in comparison with an iPhone. The person who created that video has this video about the iPhone 4.

The person who created both these videos, Brian Maupin, is a Best Buy employee who found himself suspended from his job after these two videos went viral. This is what Maupin had to say about it: “They felt it disparaged a brand they carried (iPhone/Apple) as well as the store itself and were fearful of stockholders and customers being turned off to Best Buy Mobile.”

Okay, now here’s my take. Best Buy should not have over-reacted to this. He did not, in any way, tear down Best Buy in these videos. He did point out a real issue with both these phones. I hope that Best Buy can live with the fact that they have put out a very creative employee out on the street for no crime other than expressing facts about products. I imagine that Best Buy is probably fine with it, and I hope Mr. Maupin can find another line of work that supports his obvious talents well.

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