fredag 2 juli 2010

The signal

People are watching several digital devices at the same time. The digital devotion builds strong.

Digital cameras
Portable computers
Mobile smart phones
Memory in abudance for pictures
More movies than ever
Thousands of information channels

The problem is what to select. You need more advisors than ever to manage your life. Operation desert storm
GPS and navigation
Precision equipment delivery
Operational sattellites

What can I do for you? How can gps tell us where we are? In the intersection is your location. Gps can tell within 10 ft and closer where you are. Technology comes from the desert. Hummers did come to the private market. It climbs and moves in water. Lucrative entertainment. Microsoft xbox. The player became the central person. The player's point of view. More 3D.

Modify and extend the games
Easy gaming
Better systems to play
Game console

Powerful computer
Dependance on computer

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