torsdag 19 augusti 2010

Frequent flyers

We can board airlines with e-tickets and communicate digitally with family and friends from far-away places. The value of technology is greater than ever. Instant messaging and sending photos hasn't been a bid deal for years.

But we're still building grass-roots models of economic exchange. The knowledge-worker sector is said to be growing. We say that advanced skills are creating higher value products and services.

Digital cameras, smart cell phones, mp3 and dvd players, personal video recorders are integral parts of our daily digital lifestyles.

Downloading music and movies from the net, wifi, file-sharing, digital information distribution, broadband without cables has been around for a while.

Digital PRM or Partnership Relationship Management can be handled with a mobile phone. We can dissiminate product information, distribute customer leads, track results of promotional campaigns, get better visibility into sales of our distributors and resellers.

We can provide premium service to our retailer partners, support loyalty development, make it easier to sell our products and services, to collaborate, track the actions and behavior of end-customers. The perfect digital world is designed and almost at place, functional, and ready for use, but how good are we at using all the features, benefits and advantages.

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