söndag 10 oktober 2010

Visual arts

The time was cacaphonic. Artists were experimenting. How to communicate without understanding the language. It was hard work.

There was a lot of control and restrictions. I started in USA. Taking off everything was a part of the messging system.

The songs of Hair were so romantic: Let the sunshine in. There was a revolution burning 1968, protsts in Farance, Germany and USA.

They did participate in the demonstrations. Fascinating things were happening in USA. The clash between generations was taking place.

Change of values
It was absurd
We used the crisis
Students started it
Artists realized the built in power
Suggestive and motivational movements
Everybody had the right to speak
Moral and ethical statements
Cristallization of ideas
It was a great drama
The youth had found its own voice
They were powerful and dynamic

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