fredag 10 december 2010

What are you looking for?

He works for me. Let me direct my attention to the details. Call his number. He is there, just across the border. What would you do in a combat sitation where poems are written about freedom and peace. And all the others are living in a much darker reality.

Be carfeful, stay sharp, we've to make a move, watch my brothers. They might come along with a business proposition. This tiny message is really freaking me out: we should arrange a monthly meeting in the market place.

What do we know about technology clients, what they like, desire and want? Are we ready to respond with proper actions? The dumpster driver is approaching the target area. If someone would like to transport high-school rules to far-away places and professionals guarding the knoledge transfer, what would you do to make the transaction come true?

Take your time, check the personal files. This is the time to pick the baggage. Check the airport. Stop the truck, it's not on schedule. It's a second coming. We do have a contact. They're the best in the trade.

The truck is on the road. Surveillance: keep a close eye, we've the gps. What do we know about the address of the warehous? It might be the start of your next full-time problem.

What do you want me to do? Act normal, wait for back-up. Check out, take extreme caution, this might be a serious game. Caution, make a move, but be carefuk. They have a hostage.

Fantasy becomes tv-drama. End of story, we're all clear. It's all over. Check the truck. Don't open the truck, no big bang. Take a deep breath. How bad? One is injured. There was a booby-trap. No peaking, stop here, you're frigging awesome. It's very hot. Brothers in arms do the dirty work and someone else is collecting the money.

You know what I'm talking about. End of story.

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