söndag 2 januari 2011

We need something

Really, we need something; better make some extraordinary stuff. This is a new year and we start reflecting the Innovation train. I'm not sure if this leads to the 100 % result. There is no limit and that intriques me.

I started to search for some distorted historical tunes. I've been playing with some material from the 70's, going into stuff that was current and popular at that time.
I like it so much while it's not what it meant to be: I just let it happen.

I'm translating ideas that are originating decades back in time. I like the mixture of time and concepts; transfering all that to conetemporary stage performance. Look, look, look.

It's just the way creative things happen. It's a process where you capture weak signals, amplify and make them stronger. That's how the cover page is changed. There're different ways to do it. We're ending up with 26 digital stories. One leads into the next.

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