söndag 12 februari 2012

Memo 1988

Memo 1988
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Memo 1988. I like to read old memos. Elapsed time brings depth and insight into ordinary notes and writings.

I use the notes as a deep sea of knowledge where I go to Fish for new ideas from the past
Old notes can be used as week signals and answers to market research.
Entrepreneurship is the art of creating new business ventures, but all new things are based on piles of old knowledge and experiences.
Profit comes through customer satisfaction. Old notes can thell where we did well and when improvements were needed.
A mission describes the purpose of the existence of a firm: what is the task the firm is carrying on. A historical perspective tells how well we've maintained a living contact with "the purpose".
The Business idea gives an answer to the important question: why does the firm exist? Old notes can give a clue to the search for a validation of our existence.

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