torsdag 8 november 2007

About Duncan Riley

Hello Duncan Riley, we are the warriors on the net, bloggers, twitters and media evangelists. You added me on Twitter today. Nice to know that someone in Australia is reading some of my lines. My Location is a small town in southern Finland.

About: "About Duncan Riley is a writer, developer, speaker and blogging evangelist. After many years online, including stints authoring politically focused websites he discovered the then new blogging in 2002, founding The Blog Herald which went on to become a Top 100 blog worldwide at the time.

Helge: You're a successful blogger...

In 2005 he co-founded the b5media blog network, a company now based in Canada that took $2 million US in Venture Capital funding in 2006. Duncan has a diverse background. Having started in merchant banking in Sydney in the mid 1990’s he’s had stints in Management and as a staff member to a Federal Member of Parliament.

Helge: Experience...

Duncan left b5media in late 2006 and now enjoys his time as a freelance writer and developer, including time writing for TechCrunch, the 4th most popular blog online and regarded by many to be the bible of Web 2.0. Born in Sydney, Riley now resides in Australind Western Australia where he finds himself married with 1 child and a rather large mortgage."

Helge: Nice to know you Duncan Riley.

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