tisdag 20 november 2007

Internet Ten Years Ago

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The picture to the left was used by me in a report ten years ago, 1997.

The statement "Futurists say that the Internet will radically alter global culture" is becoming reality.

  1. We Twitter
  2. We Jaiku
  3. We Facbook
  4. We Ning
  5. We Basecamp
  6. We Barcamp
  7. We Pownce
  8. We Blog
  9. We Microblog
  10. We Skype
  11. We YouTube
  12. We Podcast
  13. We Webcast
  14. We Collaborate online
  15. Internet has become a communication work horse
Ten years ago email was the killer application. Today its a spam-machine.

Ten years ago a web-page was a huge step forward. It was your business card.

Today I blog on several channels on a daily basis.

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