lördag 10 november 2007

MMF Demo: Seesmic - socialmedian

MMF Demo: Seesmic - socialmedian: "Seesmic is (yet another) video blogging service. Great line from founder early in the demo: 'There's actually not much new here. What's new is it's super easy.' Publish once to everywhere. Upload a video and it goes to your twitter friends, facebook, your blog, etc.

The dream is 'a CNN of your friends.'

I'd describe it as Video Twitter, which is kinda cool. Or, a 2.0 video version of Flickr. Arrington gave a glowing review here. I could see if you had friends all around the globe how this could be a very compelling way to stay in touch. The site itself is user driven in terms of where it goes and features added. Next best line: 'i don't know what the vision is for this. Our users will decide.' That's great."

Helge: Video Twitter as a good name for Seesmic. The new thing is the way they build the company in open. The compelling way of doing it with the crowd...

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