fredag 16 november 2007

Star Wreck Production Team in Mikkeli

Now, listening to a Star Wreck movie production presentation; how this Open Source movie was made by a group of young students and amateurs with a budget of €15 000.

Congratulations to everyone behind the film for the release :)

I've been listening and watching a webcast from Mikkeli.

The Social Learning seminar is embracing the social media and its potential as a learning environment.

Most of the participants are from the educational community. Outsiders, like myself, are participating through an Adobe multimedia platform.

You can find a link to the event from this blog "The wisdom of the crowd".

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Andrea Vascellari sa...

Hello Helge,

A future episode of VMC will be dedicated to Star Wrek, we already recorded it. Now it's in editing but stay tuned via rss ( )

have a nice weekend!


Helge V. Keitel sa...

Great, I did read about it and today I followed a lecture from Mikkeli. The possibilities of Rich Media and Movies over Internet are huge. There is also an Italian version of Star Wreck, I learned today.

Andrea Vascellari sa...


They have done a great work!


The internet gives full space to creativity