lördag 15 december 2007

Digital storytelling gets personal - Games - msnbc.com

Digital storytelling gets personal - Games - msnbc.com: "NEW YORK - Imagine a TV show created especially for you. Actors, sets and props would be completely customized depending on factors like your age, sex and location. Even the product placement would be tailor-made to suit you.

Online video game developer Kuma Games, in conjunction with the American Film Institute's Digital Content Lab, have developed such a storytelling device that merges instantaneous personalization with computer-generated filmmaking.

'With TV, this is simply impossible,' says Kuma Games CEO Keith Halper. 'You can't change things inside video. You can't change them the way that we do in video games and on Web sites. You can't measure their performance in real time. We're taking that stuff from video games and bringing it to TV, which is a huge and important market.'"

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