tisdag 9 september 2008

Independent Street : Why to Tweet on Twitter

Helge: Learned about this through Friendfeed.

Independent Street : Why to Tweet on Twitter: "You may have heard about Twitter – a free social-networking tool that lets users update friends, colleagues, acquaintances and others throughout the day. A small but enthusiastic number of business owners are embracing it. Why?

Helge: What makes me tweet?

First, some basics: The tool lets users write short messages from their computers or mobile phones. These “tweets,” are blasted to “followers” who’ve signed up to receive that person’s updates. Followers can read them on their own Twitter page or, in some cases, have them scroll across their Web browser.

Helge: I feel connected to a bigger crowd and learn from my friends and followers.

Many business owners might feel it’s more silly than useful. Yet, some users say they’re seeing a real benefit – mainly, that they get to have a continuous, real-time dialogue with customers. Businesses can inform customers about what they’re up to, ask questions to all their followers at once and get instant feedback. They can also monitor what others are saying about the business.

Helge: Continuous asynchronous dialog with people all around the globe.

Of course, Twitter isn’t for every business. It’s likely to be too time-consuming for the average busy entrepreneur. It also may not come across as the most professional way to interact with customers."

Helge: I know that many businesses could benefit but there is still a majority thinking that tweeting is a silly way to spend your working day. I don't agree.

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