måndag 12 januari 2009

We are reshaping KK-Net to expand our services

New year and new ideas. We're reshaping the services of KK-Net. We've new resources and are able to extend and expand our internationalization services.
  1. Medical
  2. Energy
  3. Productivity
  4. Trading
Macarena Pallares, BSc. Industrial Engineering, has been appointed Area Manager Latin America and Olli Kallio, MSc. Industrial Engineering, Area Manager Europe.

We provide Enterprise 2.0 development services in these languages.
I'll write more about new things, virtualization of enterprises, on a daily basis. We redesign the KK-Net home page. This work should be completed in January 2009. For more information go to the kknetwork.

If you’re a business that offers a really good product or service, don’t back down on your marketing. Just because all people / clients aren’t buying, doesn’t mean, no one will. New things happen in the market place. Investments are made. ICT, social media, new collaborative methods will receive spending even though the economic climate might look little gloomy for some time to come.

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