fredag 13 mars 2009

The Amount And Value Of Twitter Traffic

Facebook has a new design and new microblogging functions. I guess Twitter, Jaiku, Qaiku and others will have a new challenge. Facebook might succeed to get over big junks of users. I learned about the posting below through FB.

The Amount And Value Of Twitter Traffic: "Much is being written today about the value of a large following on Twitter. Jason Calacanis wants to pay $125,000 a year to have Twitter recommend him to other users, for example. He thinks that over time accounts with massive followings will somehow be able to pull in $1 million a year or more in incremental revenue, assuming they then have millions of followers.

We have unique data to share because our TechCrunch Twitter account was made one of the suggested accounts on Twitter earlier this year. On February 11 we had 65,573 hard earned followers. By March 1 that had jumped to 158,708 followers. Today it stands at 217,187.

So in just over a month the number of Twitter followers to the TechCrunch account has nearly quadrupled. What I want to know is what kind of traffic that’s sending to TechCrunch, and what value that might have.

Our recent referral traffic from Twitter is shown in the chart below. This only includes traffic from Twitter directly, it doesn’t include third party clients or Twitter Search."

2 kommentarer:

warzabidul sa...

Followers are without value. Followers sign up for twitter, create an account and at most come to twitter once or twice before dissapearing for a few days. How many of your tweets do you really think they read?

What percentage of those following you actually see your tweets?

Follower numbers aren't what's important on twitter. Jason Calacanis is deluded to want to pay that much money for a commodity that does not add to twitter's most valued feature, multiplatform conversation.

Helge V. Keitel sa...

I don't either think about the value of followers and readers.

Tweeting is a way of writing down some notes and observations.

The best value comes from comments when a posting awakes interest.

I don't tweet for money. I don't go to a bar to talk to people for money.

I'm a social animal. That motivates both micro- and other blogging.

Writing is a learning process for me. All the rest that comes out from it is added value.