lördag 25 april 2009

The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines — Copyblogger

What is Twitter and tweeting all about? Her is one definition from Copyblogger.

The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines — Copyblogger: "Twitter has become the place for sharing content links. If your content catches attention on Twitter and spreads, suddenly you’re getting significant traffic from people who may have never visited your site before.

But don’t forget to share other people’s quality content on Twitter. This helps you build up a Twitter audience that values your editorial judgment, which in turns helps you when you have something of your own to share.

In both cases, what you share on Twitter is not just about the actual value of the content. It’s also about whether the content gets viewed and appreciated in the first place.

Yep… the difference is in the headline. You’ve heard this before, right?"

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