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I started to think in terms of professional blogging a few years ago. I've been working to define our channel strategy from the beginning of this year.

Professional blogger

Writer: visualradio @ 2006-05-14 - 19:40:37

True Voice is following up a Northern Light event and learning about the profession of blogging. A professional blogger is producing with intent to be a special kind of content writer. It’s about knowledge and the content:

- Professional bloggers
- Professionals who blog
- The local guy that is a plumber that blogs

Companies will be hiring professional bloggers. Blog writing and publishing should be regarded as a profession.

- Look at the designers’ portfolio

Journalism is often referred to blogging. Journalism did create the currency that they called objectivity. The blogger has to be authentic. That’s the ethic of the blogger.

We can manufacture authenticity, but in the long range it will show up any way. In the blogosphere, people don’t come there to read advertising.

- I write, when a client wants to talk about a product

A sponsored entry can be given another color so readers can see what the difference is. The capital you build up is the authenticity.

How can we do innovating things that could draw eyeballs to the blog to ride the content? It’s important to write about what you believe. This is the same with analysts. Or think about Gartner. They have built the trust.

Bloggers are representing smaller issues. They can be consultants or specialists and analysts. The growth of Internet has shaken up the consulting industry, even Gartner. There are so many great and informative blogs drawing attention to their sites.

- A firewall between editorial content and the ads is needed

We will see professional bloggers that will replace journalists, some of the murky shadow world, the buzz agents, some not so good consultants etc.

- The books and gizmos
- Social spam
- Reporters say that they are authentic, open and with authority and then just writing copy


We are huge catalogue buyers. There is a need to speak a different language. Both countries are huge and with long distances, but scarce population.

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