måndag 29 oktober 2007

Facebook Applications for Amanda Lorenzani

What can we do when people have problems? Amanda is twittering and how can we respond? Do we have a solution to this problem?

Amanda Lorenzani AmandaLorenzani hey. geeks. invent an app that
updates facebook, twitter, pownce, jaiku, blogs, makes a coffee
and walks the dog before 9am please :-D Who is Amanda?

Helge: I guess, Amanda's problem could be solved by traditional means. She needs someone to do the work for her. We have people servicing cars, cleaning offices, maintaining our gardens, washing windows, making haircuts, etc. This leads to a very new expansion of the service industry.

Someone doing my facebooking...and Amanda's. Let me know the price and delivery time? Maybe that would give me a value indication of the work i put on socializing on the Internet. We have personal trainers. How about a personal blogger? The personal facebook-keeper has to be a part of our second life organization.

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