måndag 29 oktober 2007

Marketing Roadmaps: Microblogging, Jaku and Twitter

Helge: I've been into microblogging since the spring of 2007. Started with Twitter and got involved with Jaiku a few weeks later. Jaiku is my Finnish English channel and Twitter is English only. I like to twitter and jaiku. It's a way to expand my global network. I follow people to learn things. Both are good for asking questions. They are great short form news channels.




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Marketing Roadmaps: "To blog or microblog? Saturday morning, before I went into town to see Wicked, I had a little twitter-chat with Steven Streight 'Vaspers the Grate' (quotation marks not superfluous) about blogging versus microblogging using Twitter, Jaiku et al.

Personally, I seem to be back in a 'twitting' mode after a few months of just occasionally checking in. That, combined with the interchange with Vaspers got me thinking, again, about how blogging and microblogging fit in the total social media scheme, and especially how they both relate (or not) to marketing communications. Here's the back and forth over about a half hour before I had to leave for the play: go to the page..."

Helge: Vaspers is new to me. Need to take a look. Can these channels be used for marketing? Jaiku is often used as a short form event and seminars blogging platform. That's one practical application.

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