måndag 5 november 2007

Good Morning Huliq

I'm on my way to Helsinki. We got snow to southern Finland yesterday. Had to change to winter tires this morning at 7 am. The weather isn't cold by Finnish standards: - 3 C. But it's an indication for winter on its way to our country.

Global warming is however an important issue. The climate has changed. We should have snow in the northern parts. But we don't.

[1.11.2007 15:28:54] emaxhealth1973: Hi Helge, May I also print some of your blog posts in regard to huliq and citizen journalism into huliq blog? All credit will be given to you.

[1.11.2007 22:10:53] emaxhealth1973: Hi Helge are you online?

[6:33:18] Helge Keitel: Hello, I've to rush to Helsinki. Yes, you can use the content as you like. It's okay, I'm happy to share. I have pretty clear ideas about how to get new and more writers. I should have time tomorrow to get to details. have a great day.

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