lördag 17 november 2007

New features at Huliq

Armen Hareyan wrote to me 6:20 AM (3 hours ago) about new features on www.huliq.com . Huliq is a Citizen Journalist site. We've been working together for over a year. New features are added on a continuous basis. The newest being INSTANT NEWS.

Hi Helge,

How have you been? Please take a look at the new feature at huliq.com home page Instant news.

Thank you


Helge: Nice to know. I've new things to write about. I've in the middle of a biotechnology business transformation process. I will write more in the near future. Collecting stuff to this blog. Have a nice week-end. I added an INSTANT NEWS about Mikkeli.
HULIQ Goes Mobile:
Report News From
Your Cell Phone

Mobile readers and cell phone users now can view the news stories from HULIQ.com via their mobile and hand-held devices.

Especially exiting is that Mobile users can not only read but also comment on the news stories as well as report short news stories through their cell phones.

Our friend Jeff did a great job in preparing the mobile version for HULIQ.

We are looking forward, as we only really support the modern handheld devices, in particular those that support the opera mini browser and that we have high hopes that in time there will be much better standards for mobile browsers.

Look forward to other new features such as the Instant News feature that another friend of HULIQ Dave Buchanan is building for us. This unique feature is coming up soon.

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